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Bikal and Sugon confirm an ongoing partnership to combine Big Data solutions with leading HPC equipment for analytics and deep learning.

London, UK. 10th September 2016.As part of China’s 863 plan Sugon have chosen the UK, and Bikal, to launch their High Performance Computing business for Western Europe. Bikal recognised that their HPC capability was not only capable of managing video, video analytics and big data processing, but also having access to Sugon’s scientists and engineers meant that new technologies will be created.

Bikal’s tech transfer work from universities and collaborations with domain experts largely relies on real-time processing of data, the aim has been to create prescriptive analytics to predict events and provide proportionate intervention. Sugon understood this plan, and as they are the cloud suppliers to twenty-three cities across China, the ability to create analytics in the UK based on hi-tech HPC in China is a formidable collaboration.

Sugon’s Silicon Cube product provides a platform for Smart Cities, universities and industries to process unlimited amounts of data in real-time. More notably, as Bikal has worked with NVidia for many years we have an internal understanding of deep learning, and all of the analytics we transfer will be coded with this feature. Currently, Bikal has started to use Sugon HPC for specific trials and applications, which will be supported by Sugon engineers. The joint collaboration has been set up to last at least for the next two and half years, with an over-arching plan for 5 years.

About Bikal:

A UK company that provides software and devices to capture video, audio and big data. These can then create efficient processes, increase public safety and provide preventative healthcare. This is done by liaising with end users and using HPC and algorithms to process the data. We work through our network of global offices and partners to create localized solutions for local communities.

About Sugon Information Industry Co., Ltd (Sugon):

Sugon is a high-tech enterprise formed on the basis of significant and technological achievements under the National 863 Program, with the strong drive from the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Sugon specializes in the research, development and manufacture of high-performance computers, general servers and storage products as well as providing the service of software designing, system integration and other technical support based on high-end computers. In 2014, Sugon was successfully listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange (stock code: 603019).

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