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Terrorism heightens demand for explosion-proof security products


Jack Vaughan

Source:Prasanth Aby Thomas|Date:03/03/2016

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March 2016

One of the factors having a strong impact on physical security market today is terrorism. According to a report from Transparency Market Research, “Increasing frequency of terrorism and rising concerns about security and protection are some significant factors that are propelling the global demand for physical security systems.”

The devastating attacks that shook France and the whole of Europe last year, a series of gun and bomb attacks in Jakarta at the beginning of this year, and attacks in places like Turkey and the Middle East, all continue to cast their shadow on security of people and resources worldwide.

Implementing the right physical security solutions is indeed an important measure that authorities are considering to combat terrorism. However, that most of these attacks make use of some sort of explosives point to the need for security products that can withstand any kind of blast.

Explosion-proof cameras are an important solution in this regard, and are offered by quite a few manufacturers today. One of them is Pelco by Schneider Electric, which claims their cameras and products are designed for high-risk environments and are built to withstand complex risks such as explosions.

“Certainly the threat of terrorism has added to the current concerns of

customers that are looking for more complete security coverage.”

- Craig Beal, Senior Product Manager, PTZ IP Cameras, Pelco by Schneider Electric

Speaking to, Craig Beal, Senior Product Manager for PTZ IP Cameras at Pelco by Schneider Electric, said verticals like oil and gas, maritime, mining, industrial environments, and other critical infrastructure sites are the main adopters of this kind of products. That these verticals are highly vulnerable to terrorism-related concerns is the key matter. At present Pelco sees strong demand for its explosion-proof cameras from parts of the world where these verticals are dominant.

“Certainly the threat of terrorism has added to the current concerns of customers that are looking for more complete security coverage,” Beal said. “This concern has been heightened in those vertical markets mentioned above, as many critical infrastructure sites have become more visible and desirable targets for terrorist attacks.” He added that as part of this demand, companies must listen to the concerns of these end users and work hand-in-hand with them to address concerns by implementing comprehensive security solutions that not only help these organizations respond quickly and effectively to threats, but also allows them to gain increased situational awareness that can help thwart such attacks before they are carried out.

The demand for explosion-proof security products can only be expected to grow in the short term as terrorism-related concerns show no sign of abating. As systems integrators and end users become more aware of the advantages of these products, more manufacturers may be compelled to come up with similar solutions.

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