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18th March 2016
Bernard Marr ,

Survey reveals strong

UK-Israel Tech ties

A unique opinion poll of Israeli tech executives and investors shows increased interest in the UK as a destination for business partnerships

• Among the findings: UK one of top three global destinations for tech partnerships

• More than 80% of executives and investors interested in collaboration with UK

• Majority expressed interest in working with the UK Israel Tech Hub

We are delighted to share the results of a unique survey we recently commissioned. In light of recent data showing increased UK-Israel trade, this survey is the first to measureperceptions in Israel's tech community about doing business with the UK.

Key findings of the survey:• Israeli tech companies and investors increasingly view the UK as a key destination for business and technological collaboration, with vast majority looking to expand their cooperation with the country. 89% of tech companies and 86% of investors expressed interest in business and tech cooperation with the UK.

• The UK is one of the top three global destinations for business and tech collaboration, preceded only by the US and China. 26% of Israeli tech executives and 15% of investors said the UK is the first or second most attractive country for them.

• Within Europe, the UK is a leading destination: 55% of investors chose it as the most attractive destination for tech and business collaboration and 68% rated it as one of the top two; 64% of tech executives held the same views. Among European countries, only Germany enjoyed similar ratings.

• Half of tech companies and 52% of investors said they have business/tech collaborations with the UK or are actively seeking them. Those figures increase according to the business maturity level of the companies: 33% in seed level, 47% in R&D stage, and 64% in the growth stage (revenue).

• Interest in the UK as a business and tech destination has significantly increased recently: 76% of the tech companies seeking partnerships with the UK began doing so in the past three years, with 56% starting in the past year alone. These figures mirror increased trade figures between the UK and Israel in recent years, including hundreds of partnerships in the tech sector. We hope we've also played a part!

• Those surveyed emphasized they viewed the UK as attractive because of itslarge market size which also serves as a gateway to other large global markets; the ability to easily communicate in English; and the UK's technological innovation and its excellent science institutions.

• Israelis surveyed are greatly interested in the UK Israel Tech Hub: 84% of tech executives and around 70% of investors said they would like to work with the UK Israel Tech Hub.

• Among Israeli tech executives who have an existing relationship with the UK Israel Tech Hub, 80% said the UK is an attractive business and tech destination, and 66% of them presently have such partnerships with the UK. In addition, 80% held positive views of the work with the UK Israel Tech Hub, 90% would like to increase cooperation with the Hub, and around a third said their views of the UK changed for the better after engaging with the Hub. Thanks for your positive feedback!

• Among tech executives who worked with the Hub, only 2% said the UK is not an attractive destination for business and tech cooperation, compared to 5% of all tech executives.

The survey was conducted in Q4 of 2015, by polling firm New Wave Research, a part of Nielsen Israel group. It included 250 executives and investors from Israel's hi-tech industry, including life sciences and cleantech.

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A unique opinion poll of Israeli tech executives and investors shows increased interest in the UK as a destination for business partnerships