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Eyesoft VA modules

What is the statement for camera positions when using the VA modules?

- To ensure the subject for analysis occupies no more than 50% of the screen
- Pure overhead and right angle views are best for accuracy
- Analytics requires more processing power

What is the minimum required fps and resolution for either remote cameras or local ones if there is any difference?

a) The customer decides what fps / resolution they want (dependant on what they are monitoring)
b) Then we match a machine to those requirements
c) There is a difference for local & remote, a few scenarios below: main issue is remote connections usually have much less bandwidth
1) Local only recording, best for hi-res / fps
2) Local only recording, dual stream with high settings for recording but lower settings for real time monitoring
3) Dual stream for high quality local recording & lower quality for remote monitoring
4) If remote video is important, then optimal settings need to be applied to fit the bandwidth they have.

Questions to always ask customer?

- How many cameras
- What fps
- What resolution
- Recording time
- If customer not sure, ask what are they recording (scene), how many cameras & storage time required, we can advise the rest. We can always ensure high quality local recording and create optimal settings for remote video (always dependant on their upload/ISP quality service). Domestic services are never optimal.

What if a customer used a camera where the max 3fps at highest resolution – is there anyway you can get VAs working on this basis?

Depends on the speed of the object, if it is slow then 3fps may work although I would recommend 6-8fps (slow), 12-15fps (medium), 18-25fps (fast, like cars)

In a real world situation, it would take some experimentation to find optimal settings, e.g. camera position and VA settings