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Eyesoft Product Support

This is a summary of remote support for Eyesoft using teamviewer (downloadable from www.teamviewer.com)
If you need help please use our Teamviewer Setup Guide.
These services are for Eyesoft users without support and or maintenance annual agreements.
Download Teamviewer and then choose the relevant support you require and email us the user ID and password and our Support will log in within a 24 hour period or email you for a specified time.

  • Eyesoft recording issue. First check your HDD. It could have failed or be full. If you need us to check then please confirm 30 mins Eyesoft assessment - £15 plus VAT
  • Eyesoft keeps crashing:
    If the software freezes then check your OS settings for updates and upgrade your ES to the latest version.

    If OS updates are off then perfom update and get the latest ES upgrade

    If issue persists then please confirm 30 Min Eyesoft assessment - £25 plus VAT

  • Other Remote Support Services:
    • Eyesoft version upgrade - £20 plus VAT
    • Eyesoft NVR OS update - £15 plus VAT
    • Install Eyesoft after purchase of license - £19 plus VAT
    • Configure cameras (per channel) - £9 plus VAT
    • Recorded video image playback assistance per file - £10 plus VAT