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Farmers use M-CCTV via 3G & 4G to increase income

Bikal Mobile NVR Applications and related devices protect the Farmers stock and provide management benefits on crop protection
London , UK. 22th Oct 2012. Rural regions are currently one of the lowest areas of internet density. They suffer from poor farmers and telecom companies who do not find the areas profitable – low number of users per square meter. The internet has changed all that. Farmers are beginning to cut out the middle man when selling their produce, can check actual market prices and sell to locations all around the world. Therefore, they are empowered to control their income and since it is more valuable, they need to secure it. The security is related to employees, fire, harvesting (use of automated machinery), crop protection, weather monitoring, livestock protection & control and many more.

3G, and now more increasingly 4G / LTE, Mobile CCTV is the solution for giving these vast spaces the security that is required. Cameras, which are SIM enabled, can be used individually or for higher quality resolution and features individual Mobile NVRs (and in some occasions Mobile DVRs) can be used. The MNVR and MDVR have durable casings and can also be housed in IP66 or IP67 rated casings. Solar panels and batteries may be used in some applications where power is an issue.

The costs of the data transfer are offset with the savings of not having to implement any hardwire connectivity. This is good for the Farmer as well as the mobile operator who can then provide more services to the remote areas. This increases ARPU for that region and can aid in reducing the cost per call and data rate for that region.

With the use of Moble NVRs (MNVR) and Mobile DVRs (MDVR) the farmer is able to use long range, night vision, PTZ and almost any type of camera to watch over their crops and livestock. The M-CCTV applications will enable remote view with M2M features so that the farmer can view on a tablet and smart phone.