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Installation Service

Expert installation service:

We’ll set everything up for you, show you what’s what to make sure it’s all working properly and provide you with maintenance services so that you can always be confident the your system is working for you.

Our installation services cover many parts of the UK. Often site surveys are conducted as everyone has differing requirements. A full product suite inclusive of CCTV hardware, cabling, fixtures and fittings can be available.

With our qualified and certified installers you can be confident of receiving excellent personal service. To discuss your requirements please complete and send us your contact details and questions.

Securicorp Networking Installation services:

As part of our drive of analogue CCTV migrating to IP CCTV Securicorp is offering network installation services for residential and small businesses. With IP TV, better broadband from the likes of Virgin Media and Sky and individuals using more than one internet connected device at one time, there are better and better connections.

To maximise the benefit of the bandwidth the wireless router has a limitation due to interference and more than likely differing signal strengths in different parts of the house. As with power sockets, Ethernet points are needed for each room and passage and corridors. The fixed / wired cabling also allows for PoE (Power Over Ethernet) devices to be used, which reduces cabling.

Typical Network installation for a residential property.

  • Place the router/ switch in the loft
  • Each room to have a double Ethernet port (bathroom optional)
  • Strategically placed ports for external devices – IP CCTV, IP Video Door phones, Home automation, etc

Typical Network installation for a small business
  • Place the router and switch in a secure place
  • Strengthen the wireless router with repeaters
  • Extend the network and add more points where required.
  • Power the Ethernet cable for PoE applications