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Using Data After the Event

8th April 2016

Big Data currently seems to be a term used to encompass the collection and the analyses of data that a firm or an instution uses. Retailers will use ceretain forms of data in a different way and that data may not hold us much weight as another set, but the collection and storage is still costly so there is still an ongoing quest to monetize it. In policing the diagram shows how data is used after an event takes place. The use of mobile phone data in investigations has been recently well documented, Apple vs FBI and the request for unlocking the encryption. This is also time sensitive, in the case when other crimes need to be detected or solved to reduce the exposure to further potential victims. The diagram below, courtesy of a Cellbrite webinar, shows how the mobile phone data is used and at what stage of the investigation.

With the mobile phone being such a rich source of information for investigators we think that this data could be used for preventative processes through prediction. This is where Big Data as a term is relevant, as data on the phone is collected but none of it is analysed to make an intervention. The analytics of today are producing many ways to process data but the data sources and the algorithms to process the data offer varying degrees of effective results. Big Data is a hot topic at the moment and the ever evolving technology will create Information from the data that is captured. The quality of that information is key to the investment. CIOs and CDOs are working with their C-level and senior management colleagues to determine where data science and analytics can be used to increase productivity. We have seen evidence for some benefits but we still

think that combing video, audio and meta data is the way forward and, hence, we are working closely with the likes of NVidia. Their GPUs enable better processing of data, better as in faster but also parallel. If you want to know more about how Big Data can affect you and your business then contact us on

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