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Public Area and Street Surveillance

Urban environments often are important and vital environments where age old difficulties plus modern problems congregate. To at least in part assist deal effectively with providing safe streets for all, surveillance is a key to providing cost effective always on deterrent
London, UK. 23rd areas of congregation for work and pleasure. These areas are sometime designated, like parks, and sometimes become popular due to location. For instance, strategically located street steps can become a meeting place, lunch area or some other form of recreation. City planners, law enforcement, councillors are just some of the agencies who have to manage these areas. Management occurs in real time (for instance for law enforcement) and historically (for council planners) for different reasons.

Surveillance within global towns and cities vary in weather conditions, congestion, human traffic and culturally which throw up challenges in using the correct equipment in the correct quantity. Infrastructure in wide open spaces is more difficult to implement than a city or town, but then cultural factors in some cities can make cameras labelled as obtrusive.

With the right camera a surveillance city managers can put in place equipment which is able to monitor a region in the day and night to give a general overview. The camera we recommend is a night vision camera which is controllable from a central place or monitoring centre. The camera, being a pan tilt and zoom dome, can be set on a guard tour. This is an automated pre programmed movement of the camera to cover a wide area.