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BIKAL (British Innovation, Knowledge, and Advanced Learning) stands as a prominent UK-based company at the intersection of academia and technology. We harness the power of university research to develop innovative solutions that address societal and business challenges. Our approach revolves around experimentation, gradually scaling solutions by incorporating data from diverse sources.

Being rooted in British innovation, we draw upon methods honed within the academic sector for decades. This allows us to seamlessly transfer technology into the public and private sectors, focusing on specific challenges within enterprises. Our collaborative team,

comprising domain experts, AI engineers, and academic partners, engages in continuous learning, steering clear of traditional methods. At BIKAL, our mission is to generate value for citizens, mitigating negative events by targeting root causes rather than merely suppressing symptoms.



Bikal develops a number of products for the Internet of Things (IoT). These are from our historical experience in CCTV and IP cameras, which have inputs for complementary sensors to provide a data and visually driven data capture. IoT complements our Edge compute strategy, where we work with 5G and AI-enabled technologies. Catalog download. Enquire how we can architect your business with IoT and AI to reduce inefficiencies.


Bikal’s primary focus lies in AI development, specifically in creating problem-solving products like Data Science, AI Development, and Machine Learning. These solutions, though intricate, prove to be highly beneficial and lucrative for our clients.


BIKAL specializes in providing HPC as a Service – an eco-friendly Data Centre offering both network and security solutions. Recognizing the impact of environmental concerns on development, BIKAL has innovatively introduced the concept of implementing HPC for businesses and customers interested in addressing global changes. Given the rising volume of data, the need for substantial computing power is evident for efficient data processing and analysis. In simple terms, HPC Infrastructure combines the capabilities of multiple high-end processors, enhanced with GPU support, to deliver rapid and precise results.

Meet the team


Founder CEO


Operations director


Chief customer value creator

Mustafa Rampurawala

Head of AI infra

Raneesh Abdulkalam

HPC Specialist

de leon

Head of product development

Mark Bantilan

Marketing Director

Ahmed Elbanna

Cybersecurity Specialist

Meet the team


Marketing Manager


Customer Value Creator


Business Head Administration

Sirojiddin Dushaev

Data Scientist


In-House Behavioral Researcher

Prof. Rajan Prasad Tripathi

Amity University
Head of Tech Transfer

Domain experts

Nigel Cheeseman

Insurance and
Banking Fraud

Chris Miller

Policing, Crime Investigation and
Offender Management

Dr. Vinaytosh Mishra



our projects

Maahr provides a holistic range of services to cater to the diverse needs of scientific, academic, and commercial users requiring substantial computational power. This encompasses cutting-edge infrastructure and computing resources such as HPC Clusters, Cloud HPC with flexible on-demand pricing, dedicated Bare Metal Servers, and high-performance storage solutions utilizing IBM General Parallel File System (GPFS)

VueXG is a computer vision and GenAI technology. Vue is another term for vision (which a computer vision technology is about). Genereative AI on the other hand is a form of ai technology that ables to generate images/text/video/audio etc, from text.

ChatGPT has taken the tech world by storm. Everybody can’t live without it now. DialogXR uses the same LLM technology as ChatGPT. The difference is, DialogXR is a domain-knowledge base chatbot that is trained using Organization’s private data. It can be used as a chatbot that your customer can use for asking questions about your organization, your products, and the services that you offer. It can answer rudimentary questions accurately and fast. Round the clock available. Reduce man power cost and increase


corporate social responsibility (csr)

At BIKAL, we prioritize Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and actively participate in community outreach. Our commitment extends to visiting local schools, where we involve students in our projects, providing them with a firsthand experience of working within our international team.

We have successfully implemented our CSR strategy of youth engagement, impacting the lives of numerous children from Coventry, Sharjah, and Uzbekistan

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