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We develop technology using Artificial Intelligence and 5G to disrupt the inefficiencies in the public and private sector.


Who We Are

BIKAL (British Innovation, Knowledge and Advanced Learning) is a UK company that uses university research to develop tech that targets societal and business challenges. Our method is based on experimenting and then incrementally scaling an answer to a challenge statement by adding more data from that source and then from other sources. As a British company, we leverage the methods of innovation that have been developed within the academic sector over decades. These processes enable us to transfer tech into the public and private sectors to target specific issues in enterprises, which we believe is based on continuous learning that is not based on traditional methods. Our group creates ideas with our domain experts, AI engineers, and academic partners (at all levels) to solve societal and business problems. Our drive is to create value for fellow citizens and reduce negative events by targeting the cause, and not by suppressing the symptoms.

Our Technology


Bikal develops a number of products for the Internet of Things (IoT). These are from our historical experience in CCTV and IP cameras, which have inputs for complementary sensors to provide a data and visually driven data capture. IoT complements our Edge compute strategy, where we work with 5G and AI-enabled technologies. Catalog download. Enquire how we can architect your business with IoT and AI to reduce inefficiencies.

AI Development

One of the main approaches of BIKAL – AI Development. More precisely, we specialize in Problem Solving products, such as Data Science, AI Development, and Machine Learning, which are considered complex but profitable for customers as well.


BIKAL specializes in the development of HPC as a Service – a Sustainable Data Centre that provides both network and Security. It is clearly seen that currently, the environmental issues lower the pace of development: BIKAL, taking into consideration global changes, came up with an idea to implement HPC to any interested businesses and customers. With the constant increase in data, computing and analysis of the same to return precise results require huge computing power. In layman’s terms, an HPC Infrastructure aggregates the power of multiple high-end processors, which is boosted with a GPU to provide quick and accurate results.


Meet Our Team

Raj Sandhu

CEO & General Manager

Jas Dahil

CEO & Director

Satish Vasu

Sr. Vice - President (Comm) - MEA

Mustafa Rampurawala

Service Delivery Head

Raquel Сoronel

Business Head Administration

Nazir Afzal OBE

Advisory & Governance Board Member

Mark Bantilan


Founder Statement

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Mr. Raj Sandhu


We cannot out spend big tech, but we can out think them, and our approach in the UK of engaging end users to provide their challenge statements works with an ‘experiment & scale’ model of product development.


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