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High Performance Computing in detail

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High Performance Computing in detail

Blade System

As the 5th generation of blade system designed by Sugon, TC4600E is the core component of Sugon 6000 series supercomputer. TC4600E is specially designed for HPC with high performance, high density, high reliability, low power consumption and wide applications....Read more

Revolutionary liquid cooling system

Improving the energy efficiency of supercomputers to save the operational cost is a constant pursuit for both customers and system vendors. TC4600E-LP is a revolutionary liquid cooling redesign of the air cooling TC4600E system. It could extremely decrease the electricity cost for cooling and completely release the computing performance....Read more

Rack-scale blade system

As a new server architecture for HPC, TC5600-H rack-scale blade system is designed by Sugon’s R&D to deliver high performance, low TCO, high efficient cooling, quick deployment and easy operation. It brings a refreshing experience to HPC users....Read more

Heterogeneous computing

HPC is undergoing a revolution with the development of heterogeneous computing, especially with the success of accelerators such as GPU, Intel Xeon Phi and FPGA. These accelerators have been proven to be able to significantly boost the performance of HPC applications from oil/gas exploration, life sciences, materials sciences, graphics processing, artificial intelligence and many other areas. Sugon provides a range of specialized servers, as the heterogeneous compute nodes of Sugon 6000 series supercomputer, to support the latest generation of common accelerators. 100 TFLOPS of performance per cabinet can be easily reached, and it scales up to 10- 100 PFLOPS....Read more

Mission Critical Applications

Fat node usually uses a ccNUMA architecture. All memory is visible to and accessible from any CPU and cache coherency is handled in hardware. Fat node features outstanding single-node performance, extremely high memory capacity, ultra-high reliability to satisfy the needs of memory-hungry or mission-critical applications....Read more

ParaStore200 distributed parallel storage

ParaStor200 distributed parallel storage system is independently developed by Sugon’s R&D. It is also a product of Sugon’s many years experience researching into HPC, and massive data storage and processing. ParaStor200 is definitely the right way to solve performance, reliability and scalability issues for HPC storage....Read more
Compute storage converged solution

Most MPI parallel applications require low-latency and high-bandwidth compute network. Compute-storage converged solution becomes popular. Low-latency and high-bandwidth network also helps to improve the IOPS and I/O throughput of parallel storage system....Read more

HPC Suite

Gridview HPC Suite is an integrated monitoring, management and job scheduling software platform for HPC. Gridview is designed with several pluggable function modules. It could dynamically monitor the overall and detailed status of both computing center and cluster, provide comprehensive cluster management, real-time and historical alerting, and powerful job scheduling....Read more

CloudBase Series server

CloudBASE series server room infrastructure is comprised of rack cabinets, cabling, power distribution, cooling, monitoring, dehumidification and other subsystems or equipment. Rack-level, row-level, pool-level and room-level cooling styles are available to choose, ether chilled water system or direct expansion/pump refrigeration system....Read more

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