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IBM’s vision for the next generation data centre

The fact-changing business and IT landscape is driving the need for the next-generation data centre. New opportunities cannot wait for resources to be manually procured and configured. Response needs to thbe immediate and spot-on to meet incrasing expectations for availability, scalability and speed. While virtulization and cloud-based delivery models have answered the need for greater agility, they have also increased management complexity and costs. What’s more, the majority of IT provisioning and management tools are labour-intensive and increasingly unable to cope efficiently with the extreme performance demands of todays’s application workloads. The speed at which the DevOps moidel is delivering new capabilities and updates is making manual IT operational inefficiencies even more glaring. And despite organizations’ best efforts to curb them, outages are on the rise, shining the spotlight on security, resiliency and compliance issues.

Clearly, the demand for more flexible, “always-on” architectures is mounting, advanced by the dynamic needs of mobility, big data and social business. These workloads are raising the stakes for today’s data centres and increasing urgency of the need for the next-generation data centre.

So what makes a data centre a next-generation data centre? The ability to remove many of the barriers that have inhibited IT to date. The next-generation data centre provides a simpler, more adaptive infrastructure that is capable of responding to disruptive change, melting technology silos and integrating legacy and new architectures in a single, manageable ecosystem. Several attributes help define this visionary model and distinguish it from its predecessors:

  • - Innovation enabled by service optimization
  • - Software defined environment driven by patterns of expertise
  • - Open standards and support for heterogenous infrastructures
  • - Delivery model integration and extensible APIs
  • - ITIL-based management and outcome-based metrics
  • - Global ecosystem supported by a converged infrastructure and data centre infrastructure management (DCIM)
  • - Continous availability
  • - Cognitive computing
  • - Integrated, active end-to-end security and automated compliance assurance
  • - Organizational and cultural change agent

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