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Bikal have partnered to provide a rich real-time analytics and visualization platform powered by machine learning predictive analytics. It is specifically engineered to meet the challenges of live, streaming big data exploitation and to deliver value in real time. The tools ingest, enrich, analyze, filter, and simultaneously correlate real-time events from tens or hundreds of diverse data sources often generating billions of events per day.

The solution is a real-time streaming analytics platform designed to extract utility from big data and it creates opportunities for instant and informed decision-making and instant action because of its ability to perform real time streaming analytics of high volume, high velocity data. Analysts interact directly with the solution in creating their own detection, identification, and analytic routines for execution and reporting.

  • Scalability: Handling multiple billions of events per day on commodity hardware.
  • User empowerment:Analysts interact directly with the system - No IT specialists or data scientists are needed.
  • Collaborative:Analyst teams have the ability to share context and understanding and work seamlessly and efficiently together.
  • Complex temporal and geospatial correlations:The solution uses a “building block” or layering approach in identifying situations of interest, not just filtering streamed data.
  • Extensible:Streaming enrichment and analytic API's allow LUX to be tailored to exploit diverse domains.
  • Model development and execution:Quickly develop highly accurate predictive models based on machine learning ensembles and the ability to execute and visualize these models alongside other analytics.
  • Data agnostic:The number and diversity of data sources do not matter, the solution processes and delivers value from all data (including video analytics data).
  • Time-to-value:A typical start to finish deployment of the product is under a week. Time to value remains the cornerstone of our capabilities.
  • Proven:The solution works as advertised delivering value in numerous U.S. Government and commercial production systems supporting thousands of users.