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For the M2M CCTV cameras and recorders we can provide the connectivity from our trusted Mobile Operators. For M2M Video based product a dedicated APN needs to be issued for the device. (please note, you cannot use a standard data & voice SIM, it has to be a dedicated M2M. Any requirements of more than 500 MB per day should be notified to us for assurance of connectivity within the day). We can include traditional data burst (SMS and data) connectivity under this same SIM.

Simple Diagram of WCCTV (with 3G/4G LTE) connectivity

Typical Applications for M2M Mobile CCTV

  • • Construction sites
  • • Mobile workers
  •    o Law Enforcement
  •    o Ambulance Worker
  •    o Fire Service
  • • Oil & Gas
  • • Security Guards
  • • Infrastructure Maintenance
  • • Mobile Vehicles – Fleet management
  • • Construction and Mining Equipment

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