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BiKal IP CCTV to integrate software with Nvidia Cuda graphics platform

BiKal IP CCTV, a UK-based manufacturer of network surveillance equipment, reports that its flagshipt EyeSoft software surveillance platform will utilize the Nvidia Cuda graphics platform to accelerate the video system.

The software supports most video formats including MJPEG, MPEG4 and can accelerate H.264 video with Nvidia's PureVideo technology found on more recent releases of the graphics cards, says BiKal.

What BiKal calls its 'true innovation in EyeSoft is how the software utilises the Nvidia Cuda graphics platform to offload processing from the computers CPU to the graphics card GPU resulting in faster processing of information and reduced hardware costs.'

According to Bikal, EyeSoft's video analytics algorithms feature a process of analyzing video for specific events such as suspicious behavior, illegal crossing or parking, loitering, object detection, object counting, cash fraud, and detecting smoke and fire in real time.

Find Live link from Nvidia: http://www.gsnmagazine.com/article/19367/bikal_ip_cctv_integrate_software_nvidia_cuda_graph