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Bikal VMS

Bikal VMS is an easy-to-use software for the purpose of efficiently managing surveillance cameras and systems. It is scalable to all kinds of video surveillance systems, and can be used on a desktop, as well as mobile devices using the Bikal VMS app.

Bikal Video Management Software:

Some Support Documents and Applications are listed below.

Bikal vms user manual
(Re)Generating database using dbtool
Add an I_O device
Enable RTSP server
Enable web server for access through browser
Encrypted remote connection and HTTPS
Installing and setting up a generic joystick
Installing Bikal VMS as a service on Windows
Installing Bikal VMS GUI on CentOS 7
License Plate Recognition (LPR, ANPR)
PTZ configuration
Remote access from an external network or the Internet
Bikal VMS Setup 2.13.2-1.exe