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    This page is dedicated to new ideas and innovations that our product development team are looking into from various sources. We encourage as much interaction from visitors to our site and to feel free to suggest any technological advances that may benefit you or your business.

    We will use exhibitions, partners, universities and customers to look into

    - Innovation
    - Interoperability
    - Algorithms
    - Predictive analytics
    - Science Technology Engineering & Maths (STEM)

    CCTV has come a long way and our dedicated team of “Bikalogists” are looking for continual improvements and adaptation of technology.

    We welcome any suggestions you may have.

    Bikal is to join the UKTI's trade mission to China and specifically for the Smart City Expo in Shangai. Our contribution to #TechisGreat is to showcase the technology that we create in the UK, out of Coventry, that processes video from CCTV installed in cities. As Smart Cities develop there is a collaborative effort to work with other technology providers, such as sensor and smart lighting companies. Our focus in application is aided by professionals from law enforcement to real estate managers.

    Please feel free to see updates on @bikalcctv and @bikalogy as well as emailing us on for any further information.