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Casino Surveillance

Video Performance

All Casinos demand the highest standard video quality – full frame rate live viewing and review of recorded footage is essential. Any lowered frame rates, dropped frames or jerky stop-start video can hinder investigations that require intense video review. Any dropped frames within a video clip could miss fraudulent or criminal activity and make any customer disputes more difficult to resolve.

Bikal Elite Cameras can record high-resolution video continuously at up to 30fps, without frame dropping and boasts the lowest latency figures of any competitive video streaming product. The gaming environment is a high motion, 24/7 operation, therefore, the surveillance needs to be performing to these high standards at all times.

System Stability & Performance

The quick nature of gaming and the length of time the cameras have to continuously operate falling into the days rather than hours means failure of the system, through software crashing or hardware failing, can be high.

Bikal system addresses this with robust hardware design of video encoders and Network Video Recorders (NVRs) and flexible system configurations. This provides fail safe redundancy through means of backup NVRs, and dual network connections providing zero-point failure systems.

Video Analysis

Bikal Eyesoft Video Analytics provides tools and features to search and analyze recorded video footage. Surveillance operators can review a dispute at a table with an instant recall of recent video footage from any camera. Simple camera selection, thumbnail search, and fine video review controls provide a fast and effective dispute resolution tool. Analytics and post event motion analysis also help operators to trace and resolve other fraudulent and criminal activities, whether by customers or staff.

Integrated Security

Bikal IP CCTV solution can be full integrated with other security systems such as certain access control or EPOS and can consolidate all alarms from these systems within Eyesoft. This tight integration between systems can bring significant benefits to the user.