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Cloud CCTV

“Cloud CCTV Software application”

With its partners Bikal is able to offer an end to end Cloud CCTV solution to all levels of customers. Cloud CCTV is beneficial for secure off site storage, maintenance of servers, combining other data with your video data and allowing easier sharing of archive from multiple remote locations.

Our partners can aid with infrastructure, storage and services & software to manage your video. These are designed and supplied based on the capability of the network a budget and the end operators requirements. We work with telecom operators to provide variable costs based on the usage.

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Secure Cloud

With the global cyber security market estimated to be worth $120 billion by 2017, and having amongst its primary growth drivers increased adoption of wireless communication devices, SQR Systems has developed a unique way to encrypt data which ensures it is kept secure throughout the delivery process, removing the opportunity for cyber-attack.

SQR Systems has also integrated a means to ensure that data is constantly optimised in encrypted form throughout the transmission across the network, even when devices swap between 2G, 3G and LTE networks. Combining these two technologies on a cloud CCTV deployment means subscribers get the best possible video quality, regardless of the network and device they are using but the data is kept protected end-to-end.

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3G and 4G mobile CCTV has evolved with more cameras being available for mobile applications such as body worn cameras and passenger trains. Typically, the cameras will be recorded on board the device and then downloaded to a separate server later in the day. With SQR systems software, the ability of the software to constantly optimise the data for changing connectivity enables more cameras to be deployed with enhanced mobility. When the connectivity is really poor, the software can focus on the area of interest within the image and drop the resolution in the other parts of the image to ensure the most critical features are always transmitted in the best quality.

M2M operators have and do request that their SIM cards are registered in case the SIM card moves to an area which then may not be able to handle the amount of data being sent by the SIM. Clarity in the video is reliant on the amount of data a mobile service can handle, this is down to the mobile operator but also will depend on the local traffic.

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Data Centres and Cloud Storage

Data centres and ISPs have a business model that requires expanding scale. Their viability is reliant on size, location and bandwidth. The development of the business has always included the storage of video, mainly due to the volume of data required for video, typically 4 times the amount created by Voice Over IP (VOIP). Using the server side software developed by SQR Systems, this data can be managed effectively and efficiently with minimal compute power. Scalability is at the heart of the SQR Systems solution, currently deployed on the Amazon AWS platform to provide a flexible solution for any size customer. The solution offers the ability to manage video quality, frame rate and resolution to provide the best user experience regardless of the user’s device or connection quality.

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Care Homes
Covert CCTV cameras in recent years have been able to highlight the abuses suffered by residents and patients in the care home facilities. It has not been practical to industrialise CCTV for mass monitoring of patients due to the costs involved in retrieving and assessing this data. CCTV deployed on cloud infrastructure addresses this problem. SQR Systems’ cloud video encryption can be applied to provide security and privilege based access to this sensitive data.

Traditional devices are standalone units with onboard SD cards for recording. Even live view is deemed a security issue and so is not applicable. The cre home market is fragmented and while care of an individual is paramount the quality of life is also a benchmark to the service. However, the CQC (Care Quality Commission) have a duty to ensure the dignity and respect of the person in the care home is maintained. SQR Systems’ solution, as an add-on to an IP CCTV camera, will secure the video footage allowing remote access.

Council and city surveillance
CCTV in smart city applications require multiple agencies to be able to access all of the surveillance systems. Traffic, law enforcement, public monitoring (when an event is on) and toll roads can save on costs by sharing CCTV. Opening up the network in this way does have a potential to compromise the security of the video images and traditional firewalls are not sufficient.

SQR systems’ video encryption software solves this issue. It enables a reduction in storage costs as well as the number of cameras required to monitor common areas of interest. In addition, the software can also compensate in network bandwidth limitations. The original video will be stored at the set resolution but when viewing in multiple sites bandwidth limitations will lead to buffering or loss of image. SQR systems software adapts the video to respond to this limitation automatically to ensure a viewable image always comes through. By integrating with analytics (eg. Face recognition) SQR software can focus the limited bandwidth to the most critical part of the image (eg. the face) while pixelating the rest of the image.

Video image security in different applications
SQR Systems video encryption software was developed through various programmes with the UK government for military applications. The same technology can be deployed to provide end-to-end security in the following applications:

  • Security of data at rest (in a cloud or dedicated server) and data in motion (from the camera)
  • Wireless transmission over a WiFi/3G/4G network
  • Satellite transmission systems
  • SQR Systems software removes security from being a barrier to scalability in the IP CCTV infrastructure.

Existing CCTV video encryption security
Bikal can now provide encryption software developed by SQR Systems through research with the UK MoD. It is possible to use the existing hardware of the cameras secure the data. There maybe a requirement to change the NVR which will include the hardware component that the software works with to encrypt the video images.

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Backup and Data Protection

The situation

Backup and data protection continue to be critical considerations for any enterprise and government. As an established leader in back up storage, Sugon offers hybrid storage systems as a cost-effective option for block storage that can be used for backup.

Users have many choices for backup and disaster recovery storage including deduplication appliances, standard block or NAS storage for backup, the cloud for off-site DR protection and most users continue to use tape for long term retention, compliance and archiving.

Sugon for Hybrid storage for backup storage

Sugon arrays are an excellent choice for backup storage-providing the necessary performance at a cost that is typically lower than the competing options. Sugon storage includes intelligent software and a flexible hybrid architecture that maximizes performance and minimizes costs. Unparalleled reliability and compliance with the most stringent system certification make Sugon the safe and cost-effective choice for disk backup.

This figure shows a typical hybrid set up. There are multiple hybrid arrays (with different media arrays) and linked to a central server.

Backup and Data Protection

This is an agile storage that allows expansion for when the type of data changes. CCTV video imagery will demand a lot from the system for when video is archived and recalled for retrospective analysis. For instance, law enforcement agencies keep archives of video for decades for some video that is not in a condition to be analysed with todays technology. If this changes then there are multiple cold cases that will be processed in the analytic. Todays storage can be designed with this use requirement in mind.

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Next Generation Data Centre

Next Generation Data Centre

The next generation data centre is an IT environment that is simplified, adaptive and responsive, one that allows IT to shift time and attention from maintaining systems to innovating business solutions. It is a composite of capabilities designed for a fast-moving world:

- Software defined environments in which IT resources are orchestrated dynamically and holistically, able to sense and respond to application demands in real time.

- Hybrid environments where private and public clouds operate seamlessly with traditional systems.

- Continuously available environment able to withstand component failures and maintain operations.

- Cognitive computing environment where systems can learn and solve business problems using advanced analytics

- Global, managed ecosystem that integrates the elements of the IT and data center physical infrastructure and provides uniform management through a single console/.

Clearly, the demand for more flexible, “always-on” architectures is mounting, advanced by the dynamic needs of mobility, big data and social business. These workloads are raising the stakes for today’s data centers and increasing the urgency of the need for the next-generation data centre.

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