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Internet of Things

As a technology company we are abreast of the developments of general software and hardware. This is now driven by the Internet of Things or IOT. Smart cities are becoming intelligent due to the connectivity from things such as garbage bins to radiation sensors. This is only possible due to the internet and CCTV has a large role to play. With more sophisticated video analytics the number of cameras has increased but this has also led to increased number of false alarms. Complimentary technologies such as RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), NFC (Near Field Communication), sensors and in some cases meta data will help build a profile of a potential situation or incident.

IOT will, in our view, be preventative in deficit creation and reactionary when opportunity arises for efficiencies. Camera surveillance, in which ever form (personal, vehicle, fixed) will provide the visual verification of the situation. Remote monitored management will enable smart cities to adopt the best processes, no matter where that data comes from.

IOT will be driven by demand for sensors as they will form the Anticipatory Computing which will shape our lives in the home and work life. While the sensors will enable frictionless data capture there is still a lack of frictionless correlation, there are not enough algorithms to manage the data.

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