Endpoint Vulnerability

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Endpoint Vulnerability

While the motivation behind individual attacks may vary, the object is always the same: to steal your organizations most valuable data.

In the past, the impact of cybercrime was limited to an individual level with limited strategic scope or impact. However, with the rise of organized cybercrime and state-sponsored actors attacks today have organizational, even national security level impacts.

Since 2009, servers and end-user endpoints have risen to become the preferred point of entry for today’s cyber criminals to gain a foothold in your corporate network. As a defender, it is useful to understand this information as it can help shed light on gaps you may have in your current security program and where you need to implement extra protection.

As the crown jewels of corporate data, servers have always been the number one asset cyber criminals want to breach. However, as organizations move to adopt cloud and other web powered services, end user devices are growing in favor as they can often serve as a backdoor into an organization’s corporate server system and are more likely to be managed by individuals susceptible to social engineering attacks.

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