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CIO Integration strategy to Enable Digital Transformation

CIOsrethink your integration strategy if you are to succeed with your digital transformation strategy. A move toward do-it-yourself, self-service pervasive integration carried out by specialists and nonspecialists – including LoB (line of Business) developers, SaaS administrators, data analytists and business users – is imperative to support strategies such as digital business, bimodal IT, post-modern ERP and analytics.

Current status

• Integration can be a source of competitive differentiation and an enabler for bimodal IT, but most CIOs have yet to recognize that their traditional, established integration strategies cannot cope with digitalization’s fast technology innovation and accelerated pace of business. • The separation between application, data, B2B, cloud service, mobile app and IoT integration technologies and skills is unsustainable. Most new projects must tackle a mix of these issues. • Pervasive, “good enough” do-it-yourself integration by LOBs and business users is neede for Mode 2 agility. Enabling tools are widely available, but DIY integration poses governance, security, compliance and cultural changes, and introduces technical debt risks. • New providers targeting DIY integration defy the status quo. Integration technology from traditional players is no longer the safest choice and may harm short-term productivity.

What should a CIO do

• Make the re-envisioning of your integration strategy a top priority, because a holistic, pervasive and ‘low touch’ bimodal integration approacjh is an entry ticket to the digital era. • Encourage and enable DIY integration by setting up support and guardrails for nonspecialitst in integration through a ‘facilitation team’ that complements the fulfillment role of traditional centralized integration teams. • Encourage and assist application development project leaders into a design-for-interopability approach by pushing an API-first style supported by appropriate technology. • Build up, incrementaly, a hybrind integration platform (HIP) that incorporates capabilities for integration specialists, LOB developers an business users in a self-service fashion. • Select integration providers for your HIP pragmatically and with an open mind. Incumbent integration providers may not be ready and merging players may not yet be enterprise capable.

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