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Buying from Bikal

As an international company with experience in many international markets, we appreciate the need to be able to work with companies that have payment terms which are sometimes dependent on the terms of the end buyer.

As a sub-contractor, you may have many elements of an overall project and we understand that our work does not end with the system design or procurement.

Government installations and large tender projects will have staggered and staged payments for products and services. We can support you as our local integrator partner to complete the supply under contracts. We can work with your timescale and local delivery terms to assist you in executing the project.

Types of payment options include (but not restricted to):

  • - Documentary Letter of Credit
  • - Standby Letter of Credit
  • - Cash Against Documents (on a Bank-to-Bank basis)

Other documents we provide:

  • - Certificate of Origin
  • - Customs documents, such as A.T.R
  • - FCC/ CE

For more details contact us on

*All acceptance of payment terms are based on the status of the buyer and the corresponding documents which will be submitted to our financial team.