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Mobile Connectivity

Bikal has been providing M2M network services, with help from our partners, and they are widely recognised as the most technically competent provider in the marketplace with a level of network diversity and resilience unrivalled in mobile data. For smart cities there are varying requirements for connectivity based on

  • 1. Type of data management – meta data, video images, etc
  • 2. Balancing the cost or not of ownership of the network
  • 3. Migrating the scale as IoT devices, behaviour and technology developments increase demand

We can help you to improve your business by providing you with:

  • - First class resilient network designed for high capacity 3G and 4G
  • - Solutions and services tailored to your
  • - Large choice of operators & services across a common, resilient and secure network
  • - New access technology which provides the convenience of a fixed public IP address with the of VPN connections.
  • - All SIMs connected, managed and supported via one single online management platform – administration and support costs for the customer.
  • - Dedicated off-mast infrastructure allowing for higher levels of resilience and security compared to global solutions.
  • - Private network which maximises cost efficiency, ensures greater security and closer monitoring advanced private IP networking service.
  • - Proven faster browsing speeds than any other 3G services, 4G is now available for testing on Three also offer 4G on EE and Vodafone).
  • - Recommended and tested routers that help minimise technical
  • - Flexible pricing and billing models with aggregated and wholesale tariff options
  • - Industry leading technical support with in-house M2M test lab facilities for solution evaluation, and testing.