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CCTV Security Solutions for Petrochemical Plants
Petrochemical Plants

The security issues facing petrochemical sites are many and complex. A plant-wide surveillance system is an essential tool to monitor incidents, protect assets, manage health & safety, detect theft and combat terrorism. Petrochemical sites, which are highly volatile environments spread out over large areas, require many different operators to have access to the same CCTV images. This demands a flexible and truly distributed CCTV system that delivers the very highest quality video.

Security Threats & ChallengesSecurity Threats & Challenges

Pethrochemical process plants, refineries and storage & distribution terminals face a myriad of threats and challenges.

  • Geography – Sites cover large geographic areas.
  • Environment – Processing and storage of highly volatile materials that need t be environmentally controlled.
  • Terrorism – Petrochemical plants are prime targets for terrorists.
  • Theft – The size and nature of the sites make them prime targets for theft of stored product, plant and materials.
  • Health & Safety – Breaches of H & S can have disastrous consequences and lead to large fines
  • Disruption – In the event of an incident, the disruption caused can have a major impact on the business and to the surrounding area
  • Immigration – Majority of refineries and terminals are located on the coast for access to shipping, creating more demanding immigration control.
  • Customs & excise – Stored product, such as petroleum, must be accounted for in the event of a spillage or theft.