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Server Cases

As CCTV and camera surveillance is ubiquitous in the world of business and government cameras have many different applications thanks to the development of housing over the last 40 years. From petrochemical plants to street cameras the type of housing and the lenses used are applicable to the environment. This also applies to mobile vehicles and we are seeing this occurring in the personal camera or body worn camera market.

The application drives the type of system, in terms of number of camera, then the connectivity and then the storage & viewing stations. As technology evolves (Moore’s law) the ability to process and store data at different points becomes increasing possible. This is mainly due to the shrinking in size and the capability of the components, which allow the possibility of all types of server and PC cases to be used.

These are the types of Network Video Recorders or Servers for CCTV that have been created

Rack Mounted
PC Tower
Mobile Case

Features & Specifications can include:

Fan redundancy IP66 (Harsh Environments) Embedded
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