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Bikal City Unity

City Unity

City Unity is the Bikal Smart Cities initiative. We have used the description of City as even small villiages which are Smart can be part of a bigger global connected world. Technology will not discriminate on size. Unity was Bikal does not have a platform or a stage which it can invite other technology providers to be part of a solution. We can be a convener of technology and provide collaborative efforts which promotes unity between its dwellers and visitors.

As we partner with IBM (@IBMSmartCities), Microsoft (CityNext) and a host of other technology companies our City Unity initiative is based around collaboration from the users perspective. Starting with the community, permanent and visiting, we believe we can use technology to make the City and unified space for the individual. This is based on need as well as bringing things a city has to offer that a person may not of thought of – which in large cities still means areas are always unexplored.

We will combine the present, innovation and human behavior to unify the space in which we live, work, and play. So come forward with ideas and thoughts or subscribe to us to see our attempts at City Unity.

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Smart Cities Memberships

Bikal collaborates with city planners and system integrators to provide safety & security systems for Smart Cities. Our surveillance and security cameras provide law enforcement and public order departments with information to reduce deficits and increase efficiency. The systems we work on are innovative by design and combine data analytics which can form predictive information to form preventative processes. This Smart Cities initiative is an ever evolving innovative and product development process in which the grand scheme of urban planning does not end.

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City Surveillance

Urban environments often are important and vital environments where age old difficulties plus modern problems congregate. To at least in part assist deal effectively with providing safe streets for all, surveillance is a key to providing cost effective always on deterrent.

Network video is a useful tool for providing that protection by fighting crime and terrorism with effective detect and deter processes. Creating a secure environment and can help first responders to pinpoint where their assistance is most needed.

  • • Efficiently protect citizens and property
  • • Enhancing the city image for tourism
  • • Reducing vandalism and therefore the costs involved
  • • Reduce investigation times
  • • Provide post review material for emergency organisations to act on

The addition the acquisition of quality CCTV surveillance solutions provides future-proof and cost-efficient growth and change that can be based on an ever expanding environment. Maintaining investment whilst being able to take advantage of new innovations can be seamlessly integrated into existing infrastructures. With razor-sharp video images, motion detection, crowd disturbances, vehicles abandoned and fires can all be taken into account. Vandal proof weather resistant solutions are ideal tools to ensure our security when building safer cities, the aim being that we stay one step ahead.

Smart Cities Data Encryption

Data from city surveillance cameras and sensors requires defense from cyber attacks.

End to End Security: secure data transmission over untrusted networks using cyber security technology.

Efficient Flexible Compression: Optimal use of bandwidth for a better user experience

Cost Reduction: A technology to reduce deployment and operational costs

  • • Lower Bandwidth costs
  • • Platform independent software
  • • Open architecture
  • • Standards compliant
  • • Cloud deployment

Enquire how to protect your infrastructure by using cyber security on a local sensor, CCTV camera, NVR / Server / Storage and the Cloud.

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