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The drive towards automation within manufacturing is being driven in China. This is in response to a changing labour force, increase in an educated work force and developments in technology that makes robotics more cost effective.


Our solutions help to

  • - Automate the factory processes while increasing quality assurance and lowering cost.
  • - Capture data and through Big Data analytics aid the resource allocation in response to customer demand and supply changes.
  • - Increase health and safety, through the use of Wearable technology and audio signal processing in hazardous environments.

By creating a Smart Factory or any manufacturing, mining or construction site the level of productivity will increase. Our technologies are not off the shelf but are tailored for the local environment and have been developed by academic research from world leading UK Universities. These Universities have decades of research in technology and social sciences from the leading professors.

Our approach is to transfer this knowledge to China and not to simply be a supplier of a product. Through our presence and partnership in China we will be able to make a full assessment of your manufacturing processes to migrate to a smart factory or to progress any automation that you have already.

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