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Smart Hotel Product description

A range of products that are continually developed to provide wireless Smart Hotel room automation that gives a unique customer experience to your guests. Use this system to remember their room use details so that you can create more welcoming settings and provide a more personal touch when welcoming and taking care of your guests.

Retrofit to the room and expand the number of devices when the strategy and the benefits are visible. Our system also includes the cyber encryption at the gateway to

Smart Mobile Deice Interface

Give your guests a smart mobile device, rather than a traditional key, to interact with their room features and functions. It is also possible for us to custom design the app for a download onto the customer’s device.


Greet the guest into a room which automatically sets to their favorite setting for the time of day they check in. A smart light bulb which have 16million different settings of light to adjust to the mood or time of day and night. It does not need the manual switch on the wall to control.

Light dimmer Switch

A manual switch in the traditional sense with a sleek button for controlling the light. We have a range of designs to suit the hotel room.

Smart Lock

Use the phone to set up the security for the guest. This can extend to access around the building and track unauthorized access of the room, i.e. when the guest is out for the day.


Connects all the devices in the hotel room. This device uses state of the art encryption to protect the data transfer between your mobile and hotel room automation.