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Smart Stadium makes the skills a person. Developing an overall encounter for every sports fan who wants to live the think of their preferred team or gamer. Therefore we also offer products. To engage yourself or to take home as something or to give to someone special.

  • - Security
  • o Face Recognition
  • o Access control
  • o Tablets for remote monitoring (stewards)
  • o Body worn cameras

  • - Surveillance
  • o People Counting
  •    o Entry/ Exit
  • o Audio
  •    o Public order
  • o IoT
  •    o Temperature sensors
  •    o Air / environment sensors

  • - Customer satisfaction
  • o Wireless / WiMax
  • o Social Media Analytics
  • o Parking sensors
  • o ANPR
  • o Rugged IP66 monitors for customer displays

  • - Infrastructure
  • o Wireless CCTV
  • o Multi casting CCTV – access for Law enforcement
  • o Bandwidth