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Software Development

Our hardware products have evolved due to the changes in the way software is now deployed. This has led to a new way of providing customers with more effective technology, that is never finished and can be adapted to the changing world we are in now.

Our software division is based on open source technologies to integrate all manner of hardware and software to solve business challenges for the end user, in the private and public sector. Our approach is to evaluate the business challenge with a domain expert, who is typically a former professional in that industry, and then investigate the current processes that are used in the business to manage that challenge.

Secondly, we will consult our network of universities who are conducting or have completed research in different industries. Our internal business analysts, or as we call them Business Scientists, will see which research could solve the business challenge. It is sometimes the case that research conducted for one industry can be applied to another. We aim to be disruptive.

Using agile software development techniques we work with our tech partners to create small instances of tech on the end user’s actual historical data. Our data scientists can create algorithms based on the input of the domain expert and the end user to create an outline of the software program that would be applied. Once this is tested on the historical data, we partner with enterprise IT companies to scale up the tech for deployment within the end user’s existing systems without disrupting any existing processes. In addition, the software is chargeable as a pay-as-you-use and sometimes with an incentive on the savings made, so it is within the existing expenditure of the end user’s business challenge costs.

We have domain experts in the field of insurance fraud, policing & law enforcement, military, medical, finance (services), social services, oil & gas, retail, energy (domestic supply), casino operator and telecoms, If your industry is not listed and you want to see if we can help then contact us on