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Managing road systems today demands real-time traffic and other infrastructure information. With this network camera solution it is easy to share high-quality live video from ‘A’ roads, main commuter routes, major highways, intersections, tunnels, bridges. The objective is to have a solution that provides a wide range of benefits to the wider audience.

Benefits List

• To be able to quickly spot congestion and redirect traffic as appropriate

• Determining the best route and projecting expectations

• News stations can provide detailed traffic information to their viewers and listeners

• Commuters can access live video over the internet to make travelling decisions based on the current situation

• Maintenance teams can use information collected to help with prioritising their work activities

• Automatic alerting for incident detection

Proven Solutions

Several cities and departments of transportation have chosen video solutions systems such as these to ensure that management always has the latest information. Benefiting from flexible, modulated and future-proof traffic monitoring high-quality video of incidents and conditions can make life easier for everyone.

Day time driving video

Night time driving video