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Video Quality

The quality of the video that you see and record depends on many factors, notably

  • - The camera specifications (the higher the megapixels the higher the amount of data)
  • - The recording server
  • - The viewing server or client PC
  • - The VMS (Video Management Software)
  • - The bandwidth and network capability (fixed and wired)

With video you have 4 times the amount of data (at least) that is produced by VOIP. Add video analytics to the features you then have fluctuating demands on the system and the ability of all the elements to react will determine the quality of the video.

The usual requests for video include

  • - Fast Video (being able to use the maximum FPS (Frames Per Second) and bit rates
  • - Reduce any latency (being able to see events in another location in near real time)
  • - Reduce jitters
  • - Have a smooth video (especially during playback)

We can tackle these issues one at a time. These components are variables once the rest of the system requirements are set: (click on each of the elements to take you to the dedicated page)

- The Network and the accessories
- The GPU processing
- Hard drives and RAID configuration

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