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Wireless & Mobility

We provide secure and innovative solutions to complex or unusual mobility challenges. Our consultancy service can plan, design, install, configure manage and maintain your wireless connectivity, empowering your teams to work securely at any time, in any location, from any device.

Planning & Design

Good planning is the key to successful wireless network deployment. Our experts draw upon a vast experience of wireless LAN design and installation to conduct rigourous, realistic sureys of your working environment, providing robust foundations for your Wi-Fi services. A comprehensive plan for your Wi-Fi network will ensure that you invest no more than is necessary and that you get the secure and reliable Wi-Fi coverage you need.


Our specialist in-house is fully certified for network hardware installations, including Wireless Access Points, Wireless Controllers, Core & Edge Switching, Power-over-Ethernet and associated fibre/ copper Data Cabling.


Our wireless experts ensure your network is configured appropriately, regardless of whether it's a basic SSID configuration, or a more advanced design that includes Guest Access, Mobile Device Management (MDM), Mobile Applications Management (MAM), Voice over Wi-Fi or Network Access Control.

Guest Wi-Fi Access

Wireless visitor management capabilities make it easy and efficient for employees, receptionists and other non-IT staff to create temporary network access accounts for any number of guests. Guests can also self-register for secure Wi-Fi network access.

The IT team retain complete visibility of each visitor's network access activities, which make it effortless to measure and audit network usage, identify Wi-Fi coverage requirements, and meet corporate and industry compliance mandates.

Remote Management & Monitoring

The Remote Management & Monitoring service helps you avoid the risks of expensive remedial action and reputational damage through proactive monitoring of servers, workstations and active network assets.

With asset information, monitoring, automated maintenance and remote support available via a single dashboard, the efficiency of IT services will increase as a result of problems being identified & remediated before they impact the business.